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作为阿玛尼诺州的全国实践领袖 & 地方税(SALT)惯例, Alex brings over 20 years of technical experience in multi-state income/franchise tax, 销售/使用税收, 当地的税收, 还有信用和奖励. Alex has served clients across sectors including technology, 零售, 媒体和娱乐, 公用事业公司, 药品, 制造业, 电信, 政府承包商, 电子商务, 爱博体育手机版APP载, 建设, 工程及金融服务.

Alex’s technical expertise includes unitary and consolidated filings, 并购咨询和尽职调查, 发展, 评价和执行改组计划, 评估和计划分配, ASC 740和ASC 740-10评论, 审计表示, 事务分析, 居住权审计, 走读生扣缴, Wayfair nexus studies and voluntary disclosure negotiations.

在地理上, 亚历克斯在东北部练习, 大西洋中部, 加州, 以及太平洋西北部地区. 在加入Armanino之前,Alex曾担任恩斯特 & 年轻的状态 & 华盛顿州西雅图当地税务服务负责人.

除了提供SALT服务, Alex has lectured on a variety of state tax matters for organizations such as the Los Angeles County Bar Association 税ation Section, 税务主管协会, 加州税收酒吧, 斯特拉福德出版物, 和国家税务委员会(成本). Alex has instructed the Unitary Business Principle and Apportionment sections of COST's SALT Basics School, and he has a Podcast on Los Angeles City Business 税es available on Apple iTunes.

纽约有执照的律师, 康涅狄格, 以及哥伦比亚特区, Alex is a former instructor for the Council on State 税ation (COST). He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from 波士顿学院 and a Juris Doctorate from the 康涅狄格大学法学院. Alex is a 加州 税 教育 Council (CTEC) Registered 税 Preparer and a Registered Lobbyist with the City of Los Angeles.





  • 恩斯特 & 年轻的律师事务所
  • 德勤管理咨询公司
  • 普华永道(PwC)
  • 安达信LLP)
  • Nancy Ann Lara-Moscardini的律师事务所


  • 哥伦比亚特区酒吧
  • 纽约州律师协会
  • 康涅狄格酒吧
  • 美国税务法院


  • 波士顿学院
  • 康涅狄格大学法学院


  • 2014年是国家 & 年度最佳地税客户服务团队-组长.
  • 2011 Deloitte Multistate Development Conference Award for Excellence – Innovation.
  • 2011年度德勤年度导师奖.
  • 2010 Co-Chair for the PwC United Way EITC Campaign at El Centro del Pueblo VITA site. 获联合劝募会服务奖, El Centro del Pueblo and the 加州 Controller’s Office.
  • 2007年和2009年被提名为普华永道董事长奖.
  • Recipient of 2007 Coaching Award by PwC’s Great Place to Work Committee


"Nexus Maybe: Doing Business in 加州" - Panel Moderator - 2013 加州 税 Policy Conference & 加州税务酒吧年会.

“What’s New in Los Angeles City 税” - 2012 加州 税 Practitioner’s Conference

“Apportionment Issues Faced by Today’s State 税 Practitioner” and “Current Developments in Pacific Southwest States” 2010 and 2011 COST Pacific Southwest Regional Meetings

"Current 加州 税 Issues: New 销售 税 Nexus Thresholds, 以市场为基础的采购规则, 直通实体, 和地方税:“- 10月, 2019, 斯特拉福德研讨会


Q. What is it about the accounting or consulting profession that first drew your interest?

My state and local tax professor Rick Pomp’s passion and excitement for SALT is infectious. He has an uncanny ability to take complex tax topics and make them exciting and relevant in a way that resonates with young, 奇怪的思想. He ignited my interest in mastering the complexities of state and local tax, 这种兴趣发展成了我现在的职业. 我对SALT的热情没有减弱, and I hope to provide similar experiences for those I work with and the clients I serve.

Q. 是什么吸引你爱上阿玛尼?

Armanino encourages an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that allows me to make an impact on the lives of those around me. Constant personal growth while simultaneously adding value for my clients and teammates is core to what makes me fulfilled from a career perspective, and Armanino lets me do what I love in a firm that has long term goals that align with my own.

Q. Make a prediction and describe your vision of the future of the general business environment for your area of expertise or the industries you serve.

The evolving economy and ecommerce globalization continues to change the ways in which we interact and do business. 由于包括Wayfair nexus在内的变化, 税收改革与国家整合, 州和地方政府正努力跟上步伐. 随着他们的追赶,商业正在走向现代化, the materiality and overall significance of state and local tax will continue to rise.

Q. 你做过的最艰难的决定是什么?

The toughest – but most rewarding – decision I’ve made was joining my family’s law firm after having spent over 17 years within the Big 4. 通过这次经验, I gained a different perspective on my clients' businesses, 以及他们的爱博足彩APP电脑版本需求, 目标和愿望. It enhanced my ability to relate to not only to the business challenges they face every day, 但爱博足彩APP电脑版本问题也是如此. It gave me deeper sensitivity to my clients as individuals and how I can contribute to help them achieve positive outcomes. 我在那里的经历出乎意料地奇妙, and I grew in ways that make me better at what I do today.

Q. 描述你的工作风格.

协作. 我想要被授权,并授权给我团队中的人. 我努力支持和鼓励, 给他们一个安全的学习和成长的环境, so they can provide as much value to clients as possible. I am constantly preparing my team to be able to do what I do.

Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?

我的母亲和祖母. I got a chance to sit in the audience at my mother's law school graduation. 看着她回到法学院, obtain her law degree and ultimately achieve the career goals she had set for herself was an indelible positive example for me. My grandmother is 100 years old and she still volunteers at the Tiburon thrift shop two weeks out of every month. I am consistently inspired by her boundless positive energy and zest for life.

Florida, Kansas and Missouri Pass New Economic Nexus 销售 税 Laws
如果你在佛罗里达有客户, 堪萨斯州和密苏里州, you may now be required to collect and remit state sales tax.

加州 Illinois Federal Cap SALT Deductions for 爱博足彩APP电脑版本
加州 and Illinois proposed bills to bypass the federal limit on state and local tax deductions for individuals.

State 税 Compliance Update: Alabama, Montana, Virginia and West Virginia
The changes impact taxable income calculation and apportionment; one combined reporting filing is due July 1.